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Written by Savanna Graser, CCRI DSP

I like to consider my job title as “day maker”. My job description may say otherwise or give me a more professional label, but to me, day maker sums all my responsibilities perfectly.

Being a day maker means I am a person in my clients’ lives that seeks out positive experiences and acts of kindness to make their day better. Getting to know them on such a personal level blurs the relationship line of care provider and client to a relationship more of companionship and friends. The time we spend together is not only brightening their day, but also making mine. The importance of my role in their life is just the same as the role they play in my life.

CCRI feels more like a home than a company. Supervisors, employees, and clients alike all share a passion for each other that runs far deeper than what may be expected of us. No one asks us to fall in love with what we do, it comes naturally. It is rare for a person to say that they wholeheartedly love their job, but I attest that it is true! I get paid to have fun and build some of the most rewarding relationships with unique individuals. A big reason why I love what I do at CCRI is because of my clients.

Anthony is working towards goals of independence that will help him to move into his own apartment:

  • waking up in the morning and not sleeping in; forming a daily routine
  • finding new recipes to cook and bake—I work with Anthony in the afternoons or evenings, and we love to find new recipes to bake! Anthony has a chef hat that he loves to wear!
  • Anthony used to have challenges with cracking eggs and putting and grabbing stuff out of the oven but now he’s a champ!

One of the reasons I love working with Sam is her family’s support. They treat me as family and are very appreciative of our time together.

  • Ranger Rides—One of Sam’s favorite activities is riding the ranger out at her house. She is completely nonverbal, but her excitement and positive attitude radiates from her body language.
  • Bowling—Sam is the best bowler I’ve seen, she has so many tricks up her sleeve and gets all those strikes!
  • Crafts—Sam is also a very crafty lady; she is always making some sort of crafts and we make positive notes to put on her door!

The Missing Piece

In the mixed-up puzzle of life, we often find ourselves missing a piece to complete us. A steady and resilient piece to help fill in our holes. An influential catalyst that gets us where we want to be. A helpful role in life that constantly teaches us new lessons and brings joy.

At CCRI, we are the missing piece for our clients. We become part of the lives they deserve and the lives of their dreams. There is a big, noticeable, deep change in me since I started at CCRI, and I Encourage everyone to ask themselves… “Could your missing piece be your role with us as a day maker?”

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