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Get Involved

Become a Volunteer

Through the efforts of our volunteers, we are truly able to enhance the lives of those we support. Volunteers ensure our life-enriching programs such as the Adaptive Softball League, prom, talent show, and annual Thanksgiving dinner are the best they can be.

Volunteers help with serving on various committees, creating amazing backdrops for our talent show and prom, cooking/preparing meals for events, landscaping, assisting with fundraisers, and everything in between.

The value that volunteers provide to CCRI is unmeasurable. Your talents might be just what we need to further our mission.

To volunteer, contact Sara at or fill out our Volunteer Information Form and we will contact you.

Become an Advocate

Contact Your Representative.

Do You Have Five Minutes? That’s all it will take to learn the issues and send a letter to your elected officials. The actions of our government have an enormous impact, so please educate yourself and take action.

Tips for Writing Letters and Sending Emails

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Support the Best Life Alliance

The Best Life Alliance is a nonpartisan coalition of more than 130 organizations, people with disabilities, families, and supporters advocating for Home- and Community-Based Services in Minnesota. The campaign works hard to secure additional funds to ensure those who provide care for people with disabilities are paid a fair wage.

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