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About Us

Improving Lives:
It’s What We Do.

Whether it is the work of one or the work of many, CCRI strives to truly make a difference in the lives of those we support. Our team members are passionate about fulfilling our mission of enhancing and enriching the lives and learning of people with disabilities. Our amazing team provides the spark that drives new ideas. They provide the caring behind our services and are the face of what CCRI means to our families and the people we support.

CCRI has been proudly providing support services since 1977, supports more than 450 people and employs more than 500 dedicated team members.

What Guides Us

At CCRI, our guiding principles shape the way we provide services and form the basis for program policy and practice.

Our team moves toward our mission by following a shared set of values.

Our mission: To enhance and enrich the lives and learning of people with disabilities.

CCRI Talent Show

Team CCRI at the Fargo Marathon 5K


  • We believe it is our responsibility to provide services as unique as each person we support, by leading with integrity and promoting creativity to meet diverse needs.
  • We believe in advocating for the people we support so they have the opportunity to be fully engaged in our community and live life to the fullest.
  • We believe in collaboration where out-of-the-box thinking, creative problem solving, and innovation is encouraged.
  • We believe in providing training that allows our team to support the people we serve in the best possible ways.
  • We believe in developing leadership skills across the organization.

Team Oriented

  • We believe that providing high-quality services begins with employing high-quality team members.
  • We believe the key to retaining an excellent team is our commitment to offering competitive wages and benefits.
  • We believe effective supervision and ongoing education are essential to developing competent team members.
  • We believe in flexibility and adaptability, resolving problems constructively, and acting in the best interest of the people we serve at all times.

CCRI Client Appreciation Dinner



  • We believe a positive work environment where there is trust, cooperation, accountability,
    and equity directly impacts our success.
  • We believe in treating everyone with respect.
  • We believe it is important for each team member to accept responsibility for their actions
    and the decisions they make.
  • We believe in setting and maintaining healthy boundaries while at work.
  • We believe in empowering our team to make the best decisions with the information
    they have.
  • We believe providing and accepting feedback builds trust and mutual respect.
  • We believe that being professional and having fun is imperative for a good work environment.

Meet Our Team

With more than 500 members, our staff is what makes CCRI truly special. Each one brings to their job a unique set of knowledge and skills. One thing that sets CCRI apart from other nonprofit organizations is the dedication of our core management team: the average tenure of our core management team is an impressive 15+ years. Collectively, this group is responsible for ensuring those we are privileged to serve continue to get the incredible services we pride ourselves on.

But our team’s dedication doesn’t stop with the core management group. Many other team members have also been with CCRI 10 years or more. Our long-term team allows us to provide incredible services to those we support. Every one of our team members, regardless of position title or job description, is committed to the mission and vision of the organization. Our team works to provide each client using CCRI services with personal, top-notch care.

Shannon Bock

Executive Director
27 years

Jennifer Brandt

Finance Director
2 years

Melanie Eidsmoe

Supported Living Services Assistant Director
12 years

Tamara Peters

Tamara Peters

Supported Living Services Assistant Director
9 years

Eric Hilber

Supported Living Services Director
23 years

Jody Hudson

Development/Communications Director
22 years

Dave Pompe

Information Technology Director
21 years

Zachary Sandbakken

Options Assistant Director
3 years

Lynette Weber

Lynette Weber

Options Director
30 years

Shelly Thompson

Shelly Thompson

Human Resources Director
5 years

Heather Rye


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Marit Haman

Vice President

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Erin Larsgaard


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Troy Schuh


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Kim Bailey

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Bethany Berkeley

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Tyler Fischbach

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Clare Garberg

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Taya Spelhaug

Taya Spelhaug

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Shawn Peterson

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James Nagle

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Diane Brendemuhl

Diane Brendemuhl

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