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Be Bold! Get Cold!

By January 19, 2021April 13th, 2021No Comments

Be Bold! Get Cold!


Published on January 19, 2021

Covid-19 may have caused us to cancel our annual Polar Plunge but it can’t stop us from having fun and supporting people with disabilities!

Be Bold and Get Cold for people with disabilities. It’s that simple—just get cold for the people we support! text

Be creative. Give yourself a brain freeze, eat an ice cream cone outside or come up with an idea all your own. The only rule is that you have to shiver!

Dollars raised will help people live their best lives. You can Shiver in Solitude or Freeze with Friends—brave the cold for a great cause!

Step 1: Register Here Following registration you’ll receive some goodies from us in the mail!

Step 2: Get Cold! Drink a Froster fast for a brain freeze from our partner Orton’s Holiday on 8th Street in Moorhead, eat ice cream outside, or do a snow angel without a coat. You can even turn your shower to cold and jump in (fully clothed if you are posting to social, Ha!) Whatever you do, get cold for CCRI!

Step 3: Post a video or photo to social media. Post your personal fundraising link and ask your friends to donate. Give them incentive to give—if you raise $XXX, you’ll get cold again!

Visit our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page for examples of people doing the challenge.

Make your posts public if possible and use #BoldColdCCRI and Tag CCRI

Progressive Challenge Example: Post your fundraising page to social media with a challenge to your friends. Sample post: I’m being bold and getting cold for CCRI! I’ll be giving myself intentional brain freeze once I raise $100 for CCRI. I’ll be upping the ante once my brain is frozen! You can help here: link to your fundraising page

Once you raise the first level, post a video or photo of your challenge with a new challenge to your friends. Sample post: Well you did it! You gave $100 and I gave myself brain freeze! Check it out! It was not pleasant, but it was for a good cause. Let’s do it again. Once I raise $200, I’ll be eating some Scoop N Dough ice cream outside with no coat (hurry, the temps are cold now so if you want to see me freeze, let’s do this!). Here is the link to join: link to your fundraising page

Once you raise that level, post the photo/video again with another challenge, and so on…

Challenge your friends to Be Bold and Get Cold for CCRI too!

Thank you for embracing our mission and sharing your creativity.

We are grateful to our sponsors: Spotlight Media, Christensen Group, Bremer Bank, Dale Carnegie of ND & MN, Brandfolk, Avenue Right, Orton’s Holiday, Scoop N Dough, and Glacial Peak Cryotherapy.