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Keeping People Safe

By Jody Hudson

Published on October 27, 2020

Safety is always on our minds at CCRI, but the pandemic has demonstrated how quickly our ability to provide for it has pushed us to the limit. Over the past 8 months, we have found that providing every day cares and services can be difficult when we have both clients and staff testing positive. There have been hospitalizations and thankfully many discharges.

The challenging task of limiting the spread of COVID requires us to provide large amounts of PPE to our staff and clients. A few months ago when we were literally stretched to our limit and unable to purchase additional PPE, we asked our community for help and you showed up in a big way! People donated sheets so volunteers could sew gowns; others made and brought us homemade masks; others donated food, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies and toilet paper. Some donated funds for meals that were delivered to our homes. The outpouring of support warmed the hearts and souls of many. Thank you for helping us keep people safe.


While we work tirelessly to find opportunities for the people we serve to make connections with others around them, the pandemic has turned this around to where friendships and outings are with paid caregivers instead of their fellow community members. The value of simple human interaction that we all take for granted is unavailable for those who don’t understand the new rules of the pandemic. This is why we appreciate all of you and your dedication to helping us find new methods of enrichment. Thank you to all who purchased items from our wish lists, donated craft projects and games. So here we are 8 months into a world wide pandemic and our challenges are every bit as great if not greater than they were in the beginning of 2020.

As I sit at home typing this from my office/kitchen, I am reminded just how resilient we can be when faced with a monumental challenge, like a pandemic. We are telecommuting, using Telehealth, attending Zoom meetings and distant learning. We are finding ways to connect virtually. We can and are learning how to do things differently, not because we have to, but because we want to. Each one of us wants to keep people safe. We stand shoulder to shoulder fighting floods, we shovel out our neighbors after a blizzard, and deliver meals to those who are suffering. We take care of each other. It’s just what we do.

When we come together, we create a community where people are safe.

Every year, we have an event called TableScapes. It’s one of my favorites. People share their creativity by designing dining experiences for their guests. It’s night where we gather around a table and learn about the triumphs as well as needs of some of our most vulnerable neighbors.

This year, we will do the same, but will gather virtually.

Dollars raised will help us provide essential PPE for our caregivers, help us modify environments to keep people safe, and allow us to keep people’s minds engaged during the long winter months.

With your help, we will be prepared to succeed in supporting our most vulnerable neighbors.

Visit for information and to get tickets.