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Happy Nurse’s Appreciation Week to our amazing nurses.


Published on May 9, 2019

CCRI nurses Megan, Clare, Lisa, and Jon pour their heart and soul into their work each and every day.

Megan and Clare are our Supportive Living Services (SLS) RNs. They are involved on the medical teams of more than 100 people who receive 24 hour care. Day to day, they are communicating with medical professionals, ensuring caregivers are up to date on medication changes, completing nursing assessments, and training our caregivers on medical procedures. Medical Assistant, Jessa is also on this amazing team, ensuring all data and paperwork is up to date. From diabetes management to feeding tubes, the work of this team is imperative for the health and safety of the people we support.

Lisa and Jon are RNs in our Mental Health Department. Together they oversee our Aftercare Program. Lisa serves Clay County while Jon serves Wilkin County. Both work with people who are at risk of psychiatric hospitalization, have recently been discharged from a psychiatric hospital, or who are or have been at risk of being civilly committed. They work collaboratively with case managers, ARMHS practitioners, inpatient providers, mobile crisis, and other support staff part on the client’s treatment team. They are also liaisons to psychiatrists, primary care physicians, and any other involved medical providers to facilitate coordinated care and cohesive treatment to address any co-occurring conditions.

We are incredibly grateful for our nurses. Their hard work, dedication, creativity and knowledge further our mission each and every day.