Supported Living Services (SLS)

SLS provides personalized, life-enriching services to people of all ages with disabilities who need assistance 24 hours a day. It expands opportunities, allowing individuals to live and work in the community.

All SLS services are delivered by highly-trained professionals, many of whom have years of service experience with CCRI. This deep experience—along with the broad range of skill across our team—lets you rest assured that we will provide knowledgeable, individualized care for your situation.

Our team collaborates with you and your family to develop a customized program that meets your needs and dreams.

We have an excellent reputation for being an outstanding neighbor and pride ourselves on keeping our homes in good repair, updated, and beautifully furnished.

Our in-house RN and nursing services provide coordination of each person's medical services and contribute significantly to CCRI's reputation as an industry leader.

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