Options for Independent Living

Through our variety of services, a wide range of options are available for people with disabilities who need less-than-24-hour care. These services are catered to individuals and families of all ages, to assist them in accomplishing specific goals so they can lead a more independent and fulfilling life.

Our Services:

In-Home Support (IHS)
Semi-Independent Living Services (SILS)
Independent Living Services (ILS)
Respite Services
Homemaking Services

For more information on Options for Independent Living, contact Lynette Weber

Personalized and Flexible Scheduling

With all of the stresses that come with everyday life, we understand that plans and events change from day to day. We provide you with the opportunity to customize a schedule on a monthly basis to accommodate your unique needs. We have a personable scheduling department that is here to specifically cater to your scheduling needs.

Personalized Goals

Goals are unique to each person's needs and desires. We'll work with you and your family to determine what you need to work on or accomplish to achieve those goals.

CCRI has been very successful working as a team with behavioral specialists to assist those who struggle with controlling emotions and aggression. CCRI, the specialists, and you work together to develop an individualized plan to build on the individual's abilities and learn better ways to cope with stress.

Success Story


CCRI Housing Partnerships

CCRI partners with various organizations to provide support services to individuals who are currently experiencing or have previously experienced homelessness. Currently CCRI provides case management to two housing programs in Moorhead: Gateway Gardens and Prairie Townhomes. To be eligible to live in either of these buildings, a tenant must have previously experienced homelessness. CCRI Case Managers provide referrals for additional support services, coordinate a weekly distribution of food from the food shelf and mediate matters that may arise between tenants. The programs are a collaborative effort between CCRI and the Clay County Housing and Redevelopment Authority in Dilworth.