Life Enrichment

Community involvement is a key component of CCRI’s mission to enhance and enrich the lives and learning of people with disabilities. On all levels, staff members encourage individuals to take part in community and leisure-time activities.

The Life Enrichment Program opens the door to even greater involvement. From local activities such as bowling leagues and birthday clubs, to day trips, to extended travel to popular destinations; our staff is dedicated to expanding each participant’s experience based on individual needs and aspirations. We provide support and encouragement for individuals to become visible, productive members of the community.

Program Benefits

For Participants

  • Helps build skills in the areas of socialization, communication, and recreational leisure
  • Promotes greater independence and power of choice
  • Allows individuals to be seen and heard (with or without words) as active and productive community members
  • Encourages social independence

For the Community

  • Improves awareness of both the needs and contributions of people with disabilities
  • Increases interest in community involvement with special-need individuals

As the community becomes better acquainted with people with disabilities, stereotypes diminish and acceptance grows.