Activity Calendar

Explore many of the opportunities we provide for individuals with disabilities to have new experiences that help them realize their full potential. Please click on the calendar to enlarge.

Activities listed on this calendar are funded in part by donations made to the CCRI Service Enhancement Fund.

For more information on donating:

CCRII Activity Calendar


Camp HERO (named for the goal of Helping Everyone Remove Obstacles) is an annual, three-day summer camp available to individuals served by CCRI. It's a place where people of every ability and age can have fun and enjoy the outdoors.

Camp HERO has become a popular activity among the people we serve. It began in 1994 with 14 campers. By 2004, 58 campers enjoyed a great camping experience. Today, we fill the camp's entire sleeping capacity of more than 100 for the camp!

Camp HERO offers boating, fishing, horse riding, swimming, crafts and many more individualized activities. Outside of Camp HERO, these activities are frequently denied to those with disabilities because of the time and cost involved to make it a safe experience.

CCRI provides staff trained to work with individuals who have a disability. The Camp HERO team is an enthusiastic group of men and women who are selected for their interest and dedication to helping people. CCRI's medical personnel also attend camp to ensure that it is a safe and healthy experience for everyone.

Camp Activities:

Nature Walks // Horseback Riding // Campfires // Fising

Relaxing with Friends // Making Crafts // Boat Rides // Swimming

The fees only cover part of the costs of this expensive endeavor. Donations allow us to offset the costs so people of all income levels can enjoy camp. Your cash gift can help ensure that these services are available for future clients.

Want to help? Contact Jody Hudson to find out how you can contribute directly to Camp HERO.

Red River Valley Adaptive Softball

CCRI is the proud organizer of the Red River Adaptive Softball League, open to anyone with a disability. Our focus is on the value of the age-old adage: It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.

League Mission:

The purpose of this league is to provide people with disabilities an opportunity to participate in softball. This participation is directed towards normalization for all athletes. Normalization occurs through minimal adaptations while following the Official ASA Rulebook for Softball.

League Goals:

  • Provide access to community programs and facilities.
  • Provide age-appropriate recreational programs.
  • Provide opportunities for enjoyment through physical activity.
  • Provide experiences requiring appropriate social skills.

The bottom line: We are here to have FUN!

Come and Watch the Action! If you want to make your day, attend and watch the fun and enthusiasm participants bring to the game. Games are played during summer on Sunday evenings at Centennial Softball complex (15th Ave. N, Moorhead) on the south side of the road on the east four-diamond complex, fields 1–4. See the Community Calendar for specific game information.

2020 Vacation Destinations

If you have questions about trip details please contact Amy Kapaun

Black Hills, South Dakota

June 2020

Spend four or five days in the Black Hills. With state parks, Mt. Rushmore, Bear Country, and Reptile Gardens you will never be bored.

Price Range: $750–$875.
Cost will not include meals.

Duluth Minnesota

September 2020

Spend three to four Days in Duluth. We will explore gooseberry falls and the canal. Visit haunted Glensheen Mansion. As well as take in wonderful views of Lake Superior.

Price range: $850 - $975
Cost will not include meals.

Sanibel Island, Florida

Decemeber 2020

Spend five or six days in Sanibel Island on the perfect white sand beaches hunting for the perfect sea shell. Enjoying a nice warm get away before winter kicks in fully!

Price range: $1,600–$1,800
Cost will not include meals.

Ocean Cruise

March 2021

Cruise the open seas. Passports will be required. Start saving and let us know if you are interested by 12/31/2019. Further planning depends on interest.

Price range: $2,500 - $2,900
Cost will include meals.